Worship Without Music

Responsive Readings

    With a little preparation, responsive readings can be useful in aiding worship without music. The source of the reading could be your church's hymnal. Some dramatic flare can also be helpful to avoid a monotone delivery.

    Freshness comes from reading Scripture together, or in a leader/follower arrangement. Psalm 136 is a great example. The congregation echoes "His love endures forever" as an affirmation to each statement the leader makes.

    This can be a very powerful expression of worship without music that highlights congregational unity.


    It may be common for the pastor to do most of the up front praying, in a worship service, but it is encouraging when others share in this effort.

    It serves to draw people closer in community. It helps people to relate better to the idea that participation is not only for the professionals, but should involve each worshipper.

    Try sentence prayers of thanks to God. These can even be spontaneous, bringing great joy.

Faith Stories

    What is happening in your faith community between your big events? Would others be strengthened in their faith if they heard about it?

    Help the story-teller craft their messages in a way that will relate best to the specific audience you are addressing.

    Make sure the God-part is clear and enhances your desire to worship without music.


    Jesus gives great examples on how to implement this idea. Consider acting out a parable.

    Jesus' words could be the script. This provides new insights benefiting people who like pictures or demonstrations, beyond just hearing the story read.


    This is one person telling a story from an eye-witness perspective. Again, it can be very stimulating in helping people draw closer to God by imagining themselves in the story.

Multi-sensory elements

    What about using other senses like taste, touch, and sight? Experts tell us we remember far more information that is presented to us visually than orally.

    Have you ever tasted bitter herbs, like those used at Passover?

    Have you touched rough, splintery wood in connection with teaching about the brutality of the Cross?

    Do you know shouting is a Biblical expression of praise and celebration?

    What about the nails or other tools the Romans used to build Jesus' cross? Could they be reproduced to know what it felt like to held one in your hands? What does an empty tomb look like?

    Are you getting the idea of how to introduce elements to enhance your worship without music?

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Worship Without Music

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