Worship Team Purpose

    Our worship team purpose is to create an environment where people are invited to offer themselves to God.
    We use music and other worship arts, such as drama, signing, paintings, video and dance to express our love to God. We view worship as a response to what God has done through Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins. It is not just an event. It is something which touches our whole lives.

Define your worship team purpose

    Refer to your theology of worship

    Consider writing one that uniquely fits your congregation. Here's an example to help you get started.

    Review with your team and pastor

    Here's the great thing... You are not alone! The best help may be available through your team members. Make sure you review this with your pastor. Even if he's not a musician, his insight can be invaluable. Use it as a way to help him communicate his views on worship. How do they compliment what you are building? Use his experience and shepherding heart to help you fine tune your message.

    Ask for input from non-team members

    Does it make sense to people who are not part of the worship team? It should if it accomplishes your purpose. If you need to explain it so they can understand it, you may need to simplify your communication.

Worship Team Purpose

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