Worship Team Process

Process accomplishes purpose

Think of your worship team process as the way to accomplish your purpose. For us, this broke down to three steps. We are able to repeat this easily in our communications and recruiting efforts.

What are the things you will do to accomplish your purpose? This has other applications beyond worship teams. Gather your team to help you and use your imagination - this is a great team building exercise!

    We practice following Christ

      Team members are expected to fulfill spiritual obligations by growing in Christ, maintaining good interpersonal relationships, worshiping individually and practicing kindness to all.

    We practice musical excellence

      Team members sign up annually. They practice individually, outside rehearsal, and take lessons. This helps promote excellence as they improve in their skill and ministry effectiveness.

    We practice Community

      Team members spend time together because they care for each other beyond playing music together. This occurs once a quarter, and although participation is voluntary, it is highly encouraged.


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