Worship Team Procedures offer help

    Our worship team procedures describe the details of our process.

    Team members are expected to fulfill spiritual obligations by growing in Christ, maintaining good interpersonal relationships, worshiping individually and practicing kindness to all.

Procedures Change

    It is possible for procedures to change as we learn and find better ways of doing things. In order to be life-giving, they should be reviewed annually.

Define what you expect from leaders and members

    This is a great way to clarify what each team member's responsibilities are. When questions come up, it is much easier to refer to a pre-defined procedure than have unguided discussion and possible disageement.

    Define a way to change procedures. How should decisions be made? Is everything up to the leader, or does the team want to discuss an issue first? The more you can clarify at this stage the better things will be for everyone.

    Over the years, I've had people tell me to let go and just see what happens What has happened is they leave and I'm left still trying to organize the team. If you can be loose and free and structure takes place, that's amazing!

    For the rest of us, I suggest defining and clarifying as much as you can. No, you can't force people into slots they don't fit, but you can find a happy medium between order and disorder if you try.

    Remember to have fun with this! Your whole team will benefit.

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