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Worship Team Procedures

Worship Team Member Roles - Worship Team Handbook Example

    A well-rounded team fulfills these roles.


        Takes charge of group prayer times, devotions, Bible study before rehearsals.

      Prayer Warrior

        Bathes the worship service, leaders and participants in prayer. Prays for physical and spiritual health, God's glorification, people would connect to God in deeper ways yielding transformed lives.


        Keeps track of details like what equipment we need, microphones, direct boxes, cables, etc; coordinates clothing color selection, takes charge of stage look and personnel placement. This is part of a worship team handbook example.

      Rehearsal Technician

        Makes sure everything is working when using the PA, and help with mixing.


        Makes sure words are correct and ready for projection. Makes sure musicians are using the same chart. This is part of a worship team handbook example.


        Coordinates who is on each week. Fill whatever slots need to be filled. Notifies worship leader about current week staffing.

Worship Team Rehearsal Expectations - Worship Team Handbook Example

    Be Punctual. Arrive early. If rehearsal starts at 1pm, allow 15 minutes setup time.

    Be Prepared. Instrumentalists should bring all necessary equipment, etc.

    Become familiar with music library procedures and stay current on administrative matters.

    Be Polite. When the music stops you stop playing. Do not begin talking. Wait for the Team Leader to give instructions.

Worship Team Annual Assessment Procedure

    This is an assessment more that it is an audition. You cannot fail. The objective is to review your passion for worship, musical skills and spiritual growth. 1 Peter 4:10 tells us to use our gifts to serve others. 1 Chronicles 25:7 mentions the musicians who served in the temple were trained, not just skilled.

    Prepare something you like to sing or play. (Worship Team Handbook Example)

    Backtracks are suitable.

    Showcase your musical strengths.

      Vocalists: Demonstrate posture, breathing, pitch and countenance.
      Instrumentalists: Demonstrate multiple styles, rhythms, improvisation and countenance.

    Complete Spiritual Growth evaluation. (Worship Team Handbook Example)

      Review with Team Leader the obligations for a Team Member.

    Apply Personal Development Plan

      This would consist of a written assessment containing suggestions for improvement; such as, private or group lessons, Bible study, participating in a small group, listening to certain artist or styles of music, etc.

Worship Team New Candidate Sign-ups Procedure - Worship Team Handbook Example

    Prepare something you like to sing or play.

    Backtracks are suitable.

    Use a song that highlights your musical strengths.

      Vocalists: Demonstrate posture, breathing, pitch and countenance.

      Instrumentalists: Demonstrate multiple styles, rhythms, improvisation.

    Complete Spiritual Growth evaluation.

      Review with Team Leader the obligations for a Team Member.

Worship Leader Preparation Procedure

    1. Pray for direction

      There cannot be enough said about this. Pray before you plan – and keep praying through the plan. Make this a part of your personal devotions and sing the songs God brings you. What God gives you to lead others must first touch your heart. Remember – a message prepared in the head will reach the head, but a message prepared in the heart will reach the heart. Song packages are to be included in same category as Bible teaching. Both are messages from God.

    2. Craft song selection and flow

      What aided the congregation’s worship once will most likely be repeated if used again. People connect more easily when they sense a direction or intention to the flow of the service. This is true for songs and extends too all worship service elements.

      Suggested phases are Movement, Adoration and Commitment. Occasionally, a phase of Entering can also be considered. The monthly schedule is also a helpful reference for planning. With both of these tools, it should not be necessary to start from scratch when planning congregational singing.

    3. Prepare one sentence song introductions

      …to explain purpose, or to highlight a scriptural foundation, or spiritual emphasis.This can be done as the musical introduction is playing. It may be offered as a prayer. Its importance is crucial at this stage of our worship maturity because it helps the congregation stay focused on the idea that God-honoring worship must have purpose. With hundreds of beautiful songs to choose, being able to communicate why we sing a specific song helps people learn we are more interested in engaging hearts and lives with God, than in merely performing music.

    4. Build Order of Service

      Welcome people

      Keep musical elements together, (Songs and Offering) - be sensitive to the flow of the service.

      Play an instrumental prelude and postlude.

      Post lyrics so Video Team can set them up.

    5. Meet with Senior Pastor (or planning team) the morning of the event.

      This is done to communicate details regarding other worship elements. It assures that flow will be natural so people will have fewer reasons to be distracted from the main intent of our time together.

    6. Know who is praying before the offering.

      For this worship team handbook example, discuss any transition between teaching and music so that people are clear and distraction minimized.

    7. Arrive 30 minutes before rehearsal starts.

    8. Clean up stage area from last use.

    9. Set up stage area for event.

Worship Team Commitment Form - Worship Team Handbook Example


      I, (please print your name) _____________________________, will commit to and maintain the purpose, process and procedures described in this handbook.By signing this form, I am accepting my responsibilities for the term I am committing to. I am agreeing to keep this commitment even when it’s inconvenient. If, for any reason, I cannot fulfill this commitment, I understand it is my responsibility to assist in finding a replacement.

        Begin: ____________________

        End: ______________________

        Signed: __________________________________

        Date: _________________________

Worship Team Handbook Example