Write a Worship Team Handbook

Creating a Worship Team Handbook can help you get organized as a worship leader, worship team, music ministry.

Think of the worship team handbook as another worship leader tool or as help for worship teams, something you can build together. Provides a great way to say it, agree with it, write it down, live by it.

My experience with this type of effort is that everyone can get on the same page – really enhances the idea of working together to accomplish a common goal.

It’s more fun to do the creative work than organize your thoughts about how to represent your role and team to interested people you need to communicate with – be it pastors, elders, deacons, choir directors.

It’s easier to spend your time writing a new song, shopping for new equipment, (maybe even going to the dentist) – so I’ve eliminated the drudgery for you by thinking through the details for you.

Communicating administrative details like this can be tedious and time consuming, especially trying to decide what form to put it in, how to present it, etc.

So why not start by using this example?

Worship Team Purpose

Worship Team Process

Worship Team Procedures

Team expectations

Team Member Roles

Rehearsal expectations

Annual Assessment Procedure

New Candidate Procedure

Worship Leader Preparation

Worship Team Handbook