Phil Keaggy plays Innsbrook

Great weather for a concert

Great chance to see Phil Keaggy! What a night for a concert! August 16, 2006 - warm, but not too hot. Clear blue sky, without any threat of storms, and a great ticket price of 10 bucks, one of the greatest guitarists in the world made for a great pre-concert mood.

Why you should know Phil Keaggy

So Phil Keaggy is a new name to you? He's been stated to be the greatest guitar player in the world. If you like any style of guitar playing, he is someone you should become familiar with. You can check here for more.
My first memories of Phil Keaggy are when he played in a band called The Glass Harp back in the 70's. They did Beatles songs that sounded better than the Beatles. He has this amazingly high voice, so Paul McCartney had a run for his money. His guitar playing was mind-boggling even in those days. It seemed like classical stylings, quite melodic and lyrical, yet full and round being played on a Les Paul. Fans of Cream, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Moody Blues, early Electric Light Orchestra, Roy Wood, and The Move (and just about any late '60s/early '70s rock groups) will find much to love.

How much sound can one man generate?

I don't know about you but when someone steps out on stage holding an acoustic guitar, I don't usually brace myself for a full sonic experience. Well, let me say, I was unprepared. I kept looking around as I'm sure others did for the band hiding somewhere. I could hear bass guitar, drums, finger cymbals and various rhythm embellishments, but I could only SEE one man, Phil, playing one guitar, albeit amazingly well.
So what gives? Why was there so much sound? Enter the power of the sampler. This ingenious device allows the player to record a sample of music and then play it back, either playing over it or adding to it. I should tell you that Phil's flexibility and mastery of this device is incredible. He would build his song arrangement as we watched, never missing a beat or pausing for ideas. Then the result was a full sound, and way beyond the technical capability of many bands.
What impressed me more though was the mere joy and effortlessness of his guitar playing. There is a sense in a concert like this, outside in perfect weather, music filling my senses, that communication trascends the physical elements of guitar and musician. It's as if Phil Keaggy transports me to a different place, beyond music alone to a connection with the heavenly.

Check out this great little video on YouTube of Phil Keaggy playing Reunion on his Olson Acoustic Guitar. (Note: Press "play" button then pause it so it loads properly. Then press "play" again when fully loaded. It should take several minutes to load)...

Phil Keaggy plays Innsbrook

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