Worship Team New Candidate Sign-ups

If you're in a small church, you may be so grateful for new candidate interest you forget to consider a few important things.
I like to have the new candidate come to rehearsal or an informal get together, as a way for them to check us out at some other time than Sunday morning. Besides getting to know us, a little, it helps set clear expectations later if that person really does sign up to join us.
For some people this can be a test to see if they can wait a little longer to see the process through. It helps me to see who's serious.
Because people's skills and maturity vary, it's good to have a way to measure who fits and who doesn't.
With that in mind, I've provided a few practical guidelines. As with all my suggestions, use them to build your own.

1. Candidates should prepare something they like to sing or play.

For vocal sign-ups, backtracks are suitable. Just be sure to use a song that highlights your musical strengths.

      Demonstrate good posture, controlled breathing, accurate pitch and a fitting countenance.

      Demonstrate multiple styles, rhythms, and improvisation.

2. Complete Spiritual Growth evaluation.

Have the candidate define worship in their own terms
This can tell you more than just basic information; like how they view their role in the team, and/or could they see themselves as a worship leader in the future.

Summarize previous worship team experience
This won't take long if you are their first. However, if that is not the case, consider the free education an opportunity to learn something

Ask "Why do you want to be part of the worship team?"
Try to set aside all the talent and experience and listen to their heart. Consider a desire to serve being high on your list of top qualities.

3. Review with Candidate the obligations for a Team Member.

Consider this your chance to change the way things have been if that's needed. There's nothing like a new sign-ups to raise the bar for the team. Taking the time now to plant the future will help everyone.

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