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Band In A Box is perhaps the easiest music program to use on the planet. Really more like a word processor - just key in the chords, pick a style and go.

It is great for learning songs that your band needs to learn quickly, nailing the style and rhythm without you spending hours and hours building a detailed arrangement.

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Garage Band is new from Apple. Great for composing grooves and beats it’s a little harder to use fhan Band In A Box, but it also has a much different purpose.

More performance based, great loops and sounds with instruments make it possible to make impressive tracks in no time at all.

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Logic Express - wow!

Talk about the tool that does it all. What do you want to do?

Digital recording? No problem.

Midi programming? No problem.

How about printing a full score that looks like it was professionally typeset? Even this can be done with Apple’s amazing full featured music program.

Learning Logic Express is like going back to school. It takes time and effort, especially if you are trainied on other software like Cakewalk or Audacity.

Unfortunately Apple does not offer a free download any longer. But with the link below you can learn about their newest Logic Express release.

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