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Have you ever wondered how to count all the great songs or lyric writing ideas that got away? Maybe just to bring a few back?

Where do ideas come from?

Where does inspiration come from?

That glimpse of inspiration flickered, then went dim and finally out - many times because you just didn't have a good way to record your ideas quickly enough. The process of recording lyric writing ideas sometimes blocks us from connecting to our most engaging thoughts fast enough to write them down.

Warming Up - Free Writes:

    What if you could warm up?

    By this I mean, a runner or other athlete doesn't just start their workout in the hardest part of the routine, but gives their body a way to gradually get to peak output.

    In her excellent book "The Artist's Way," Julia Cameron offers a suggestion that is helpful. Don't blow off your warm up.

    Instead, try to fill three blank pages in a notebook every morning.

    Now the point is not to write something great - it's really just to write - to get in the habit of connnecting stream of conciousness thinking with writing.

    It will feel strange but you are just warming up. The results don't need to be compelling, well-reasoned or insightful. No need for complete sentences. In fact, Julia specifically forbids us to read any of our "morning pages," as she calls them, for the first few weeks that we're writing them. The only rule is that you can't let the pen stop moving.

    Remember - practicing lyric writing idea can be boring and so regular - but keep going. Not that you'll be brimming with great new ideas, but it is possible some seeds may take root.

    Then, when ideas pop into your head, you won't be choked by the process of getting started. The pump has been primed, so to speak, and you are off and running on your creative way.

Lyric Writing Ideas

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