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Free music downloading does not require a techno-whiz. Select from recordings, sheet music, free music downloads, lyrics and more time-saving tips.

Getting started

I've been downloading music for years. I love it. It's the best way to hear a lot of music without spending a lot of money.

I remember growing up with LPs and 45s, then 8 tracks, then cassettes, finally CDs. . .

. . . but downloading a music file is amazing.

My first experience involved midi. It’s an amazing technology for hooking computers to devices that store patches (sounds).

Unfortunately, it has one important downside - vocals. But where data could be translated between gear with a midi interface –- look out - music and computers have a great connection.

When it comes to downloading free music, where to start can be overwhelming - just do a google search sometime. What I've done is streamline the process to help you save time and find the best quality music available.

Law wins when it comes to free music downloading

Of course the big problem has always been copyright.

How do you know your free music  is legal?

To stay legal, you need a good mp3-downloader-player utility. I suggest you try iTunes music.

Purchase worship music

I've used others, but none as integrated as this one. It's smooth to find music, download, burn CDs, and sync with your music player.

Podcasting is another great way to build a library of free music and information. The great thing about podcasting is you can take your program with you. Learn more here.

Online sheet music

Browse the World's Largest Sheet Music Store!

Free downloading for sheet music?


Help with your online sheet music searching efforts, is available through musicnotes

Free sheet music?

As someone who is pressed for time, hears music, but doesn't have the time to prepare charts, you may be wondering, does sheet music qualify?

Sure, if you know where to look.  It seems site that offer sheet music for free don't last very long.  But if you here is a link for a free song and free sheet music.  Check it out - what have you got lose, the price is right!

An easy way to get started sign up with

Simple enough. To learn more click here.


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