Free Career Test

Free Career Test

Free Career Test

Have you ever wondered if a free career test could tell you have what it takes to switch from volunteer church musician to professional?

How do you know if there isn't something else you should be doing with your life?

What if there was a job that was so meaningful that your pay was NOT the most important factor?

Would you like to know if you have the right stuff to make the switch?

Well, now there is a way!

    Click here to learn how your interests can help you connect with jobs of purpose.

Your test feedback report includes just the right amount of information about how your interests relate to meaningful professional opportunities. Even if you're not looking to make a change, this can be a great confidence booster.

And you have the option of getting more detailed information, if that is what you seek.

The great thing is you can match your interests, not your skills. That's what makes the testing room so great. Most of us have jobs based on our skills. But what if you could do something you were created to do? Here is a no-risk way to explore your options for fulfilling Christian employment?

You know you have been created by God for a purpose – to glorify Him in all you do.

Career Testing Considerations

A free career test can be as unique as people. Remember people, like tests, are unique.

Many people don't like "pick occupations you like" questions, because if they knew what they liked they would not be doing career testing.

Some don't like questions about how they would behave in certain situations, because they tend to pick how they wish they would behave, rather than how in fact they actually do.

Someone wisely has said a free career test is "one man's meat is another man's poison."

Don’t assume a given test is accurate

We turn to a free career test hoping we can find out we are and what we should do; and we think a test will do that. BIG mistake.

Be careful not to say, "Well this must be who I am; the test says so." Test results are sometimes way off the mark. On many online (and offline) tests, if you answer even two questions inaccurately, you will get completely wrong results and recommendations.

You should take all test results of a free career test with a grain of salt.

Tests have one great mission and purpose: To give you ideas you hadn't thought of, and suggestions worth following up. But if you ask them to do more than that, you're asking too much.

Take several tests

You will get a much better picture of your preferences, profile, and good career suggestions from three or more tests, rather than just one.

Always let your intuition be your guide.

You know more about yourself than any test does. Reject the summary the test gives you, if it just seems dead wrong to you.

On the other hand, if you really like the suggestions a test gives you, don't agonize about whether those suggestions are worth tracking down – just do it.

Always listen to your heart

You are never finished with a test until you've done some good hard thinking about yourself.

Consider what distinguishes you from every other member of the human race, and makes you, (like your fingerprints), unique.

With that knowledge, you can then set out to find the work you were uniquely put here on earth to do, i.e., your unique mission in life.

Here is your opportunity to take the next step in the journey.

Learn how your interests relate to the Christian employment market by taking an important step today.

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