Church Ministry Jobs: Not just for pastors anymore

Church ministry jobs used to be pretty obvious.

It was the usual drill to have a pastor, maybe a youth leader, possibly a music pastor, if the congregation could afford one.

Today, church ministry jobs are as varied as the congregations seeking candidates to fill positions.

Good news for job seeking volunteers

If you have a passion, or burden for a particular need you want to meet through your church community, getting started can be tough.

Here's how I found away to get started with Site Build It.

The great thing about Site Build It is the chance to do something meaningful without cutting yourself out of opportunities to continue volunteering.

You might take time to explore church jobs descriptions, and in doing so, you may realize why there’s so much work involved in running a ministry.

What are the new church ministry jobs?

Communications – Here’s an area where much improvement is needed. Today, churches sometimes have an administrative pastor filling this role.

Often, they come from the corporate world where communication is also a challenge and wonderful training.

Computer Technology - Once used for letters and address label, today computer technology is everywhere and often more than one person with some other responsibility can handle.

Staging Technology – Lighting, video, production, sound mixing and integrating all of it comprise many new church musician jobs.

Visual Arts – This is where visual artists can use their gifts. Beautifying the stage or alter area can help people embrace a worshipful mindset more easily.

Keeping the stage area free of clutter, and displaying green, living things can create a wonderful ambience for speakers and musicians alike.

Community Outreach – Here’s an area where the pastor may need some help. In order to fulfill all one’s duties, a little help in the form of someone to coordinate community outreach may be needed.  It would be good to love people and be good at hospitality too.

Administrative Assistance – Even the church secretary job description has changed, expanded to other areas besides keeping the pastor’s schedule in tact.  Now other responsibilities can include keeping up on social media, responding to emails, and/or praying for whoever walks into the office in need

Pastors – Look no farther

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