Are You a Career Builder?

Who is your career builder?

When learning something new, most of us welcome the idea of someone looking out for us, like a career builder.

Maybe in school you had a favorite teacher – the one who took you under their wing, looked out for you, took extra time explaining things, seeming to know intuitively where you needed help.

But, rarely does this occur in today's corporate world.

In these leaner times companies have cut trainers and support personnel who might lend a hand, answer questions or give guidance.

The notion of career path is all but extinct in work cultures where surviving the next round of layoffs tops everyone's to-do list.

Realize - you must be your own career builder.

But what does it mean to build your career?

Are you a career builder?

At the least be current with the latest developments in your field. Put aside funds to take a class. Get a library card – that's free. Volunteer when something new comes along and no one steps up.

Many promotions are based on this attribute alone. Find a volunteer and you have found a leader.

Don't stop there – just taking care of yourself at work. Seek to help others. Who needs to know what you have already learned?

When you reach out to help someone else, your own knowledge and skill increase. So does your circle of influence.

Then a mysterious thing happens. As you become concerned for others, as a career builder, your own situation improves. A promotion, completing an advanced degree, an award or certification – all are results of adding value to the people and organizations you serve.

Learn to network

Practice now while you aren't looking to change jobs. One of the easiest ways to do this is join a professional organization.

When you attend a meeting, meet someone new.

In a few months you will have built a foundation from which respect and other benefits can be realized later on. It's like depositing money into a savings account.

When you need to make a withdrawal some day, you'll have the funds because you sowed the right seeds early in your new relationships.

Career Advice

Two bits of advice:

1.Learn from the past – Know what you do well.

Know what you need help with or would rather not do. When it 's time to make a change – or have a change made for you – as is often the case for many of us, use what you learned in your last job to make a career building change.

2.Learn to diversify your income.

I remember learning the drill. Go to college. Land a job. Work hard. Impress the boss. Get that promotion – and that raise.

What – you're now the senior employee with the biggest paycheck?

Great! Then the company makes a few bad decisions, and oops, now you're laid off?

The notion that one job is all we should ever expect to have at any one time.

Why not consider a way to begin learning to work for yourself?

Let me introduce you to a suite of tools to help you take that first step - just like I did.

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Who Is Your Career Builder?

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