Worship Team Annual Assessment

Team annual Assessment

An annual assessment helps you evaluate how the past year has gone. Your team can measure progress. It helps you plan for specific things you'd like to do in the future.

This input and lessons learned can be wonderful. Improvements can be discussed together. Before trying new ideas that might not work, use this time to solicit team feedback to discuss them.

Just make sure you plan a couple hours, or at least enough time so each member can contribute. Having a weekend retreat, if you can work it out with your pastor, has many benefits.  Team time as well as time for personal reflection is hard to plan, so the opportunity to have a retreat can reap benefits that last all year long.

Plan what you'd like to review. That way, your time will be better utilized and the group stays more focused. Have fun and enjoy one another.  And just in case you feel like you have to fill every minute - don't!  Remember the unplanned, casual times can be rich with meaning too.  Spontaneity has its place.

Team Member 

1 Peter 4:10 tells us to use our gifts to serve others. 1 Chronicles 25:7 mentions the musicians who served in the temple were trained, not just skilled.

The objective of this activity is to review your passion for worship, musical skills and spiritual growth. You should not be expected to serve continually without time to assess if this is still the best way to give your best.

Here are some suggested tools to help:

Complete Spiritual Growth evaluation.

This is an individual exercise to record what has encouraged you over the past year. It may consist of highlights, notes, or whatever form to measure progress, challenges, and areas to grow in for the future.

Review with Team Leader the obligations for a Team Member.

To look at things as if they were new, as items for discussion or improvement is good for everyone.

Apply Personal Development Plan

What plans do you have you'd like to implement for the future? This might include private or group lessons, Bible study, participating in a small group, listening to certain artist or styles of music, etc.

Whatever you do, write these things down. That's helpful now and later.

Check out this link for templates to help you get started planning.
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