Acoustic guitar weddings work for church musicians


Why play acoustic guitar weddings? The guitar lends itself to enhancing any wedding. It has the capability of rhythmic, melodic sensitivity and variety that few other instruments do. All while being portable and adaptable to any acoustic setting,

Find your style

What style do you play? An acoustic guitar wedding is perfect for any style of guitar playing. Assemble your playlist, use songs you know and learn some popular wedding favorites and you’re ready to go.

Welcome guests

Remember that for some your service to them, by playing their wedding, may be the first impression of your church. Let it be positive. Perhaps bride and groom will come to know the people and the message as both offer hope in Christ.

What to play at acoustic guitar weddings

The best way to start is to plan your song list. Are you playing the ceremony? Are you playing the reception? Knowing that will make a bg impact in how you go about assembling what you play.

What about weddings you’ve attended? What were the great songs that really engaged the audience? Or that someone mentioned later as a conversation starter. Learn those.

Check here for more great acoustic guitar wedding music suggestions. Order by the piece or by theme-book.

acoustic guitar weddings


Just a little may be enough for a small room. Outside, too, your playing will benefit from not having to over strike whether you pick with your fingers or use a plectrum.

A small amp is less visible but gives just enough power behind your playing to really sweeten your sound.

Tuning Your Guitar

Playing acoustic guitar weddings require playing in tune. Playing in tune can be tricky based on the location of your performance. Is your room warm and humid? Tune carefully. Is your room windy or susceptible to sudden temperature changes? Tune carefully.

With temperature environment changes how do you control tuning?

I’ve used several different tuners including tuning forks. Most are problematic for the performing guitar player. They are distracting to your audience because they hear you tuning instead of your performance, taking away some of the magic of hearing just what you want them to hear. If you use a pickup it can be awkward unplugging one to plug in the other.

Here’s my favorite. I love it because it has a read-out that is calibrated by sensing the guitar’s pitch by the vibrating instrument, instead of the sound. This makes it much easier to use and adjust your tuning quietly without anyone knowing. Allow me to recommend...
Intellitouch P1 Tuner

What to charge

This is a personal thing, but I’m suggesting some guidelines. If you haven’t done this before, be flexible, consider huge discounts or possibly playing for free. Certainly a friend or relative deserves special treatment.

But, as you improve and you gain some testimonials or references you can upgrade your pricing. The Outer Banks wedding I played in the video was worth 300 dollars to the bride and groom. But the same music in a different setting would have cost less. Don’t just charge for music, charge based on the affect you are trying to create. Music sets the mood and this can impact how much to charge.

Other helpful tools

Have a sturdy guitar stand - one that is rock solid but also easy to manage for setting down and picking up your guitar.

A music notebook with plastic sheet protectors can be very handy. While you should strive to memorize your music sometimes this isn’t always practical. When introducing a new song or trying a new arrangement having your music still and readable can make the difference between looking polished and amateur.

Don’t forget the video

You know the ceremony will be recorded, and probably serve as the newlyweds’ first keepsake. So why not record your contribution? It’s a great way to build memories that may be valuable later.

Here’s a video of me playing an acoustic guitar wedding, It was at the beautiful Sanderling Inn in Duck, NC.

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