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My name is Jim Snedeker.

People have a hard time pronouncing "Snedeker".

Just call me "Sned". Rhymes with "head".

A life-long resident of Ohio, I now live in Winchester, Virginia.

This picture represented a big day for my family. My younger daughter graduated from college in Florida.

My church musician jobs have varied from singing, playing guitar, piano, drums, bass, various brass and keyboards, to midi-sequencing, programming and leading worship, including touring with a contemporary Christian rock band, "Daystar".

I started out in Columbus, Ohio, in a church that was primarily composed of college students. It was the 70s and the contemporary Christian music movement did not exist yet. But as new believers we were ready to change tradition.

Writing songs from Scripture was a wonderful way to get a taste of what would evolve into the modern worship movement. Some refer to this era of church musician jobs as the Jesus movement.

I grew up in Canton, Ohio. The only thing I really ever excelled in was music. I left Canton when I was 18 to attend the Ohio State University.

Some of my most notable educational accomplishments consist of participating in four summer camp programs at Interlochen National Music Camp, near Traverse City, Michigan, where I studied euphonium, trombone and guitar.

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I earned a bachelor's degree in Music Education from The Ohio State University, performing under Donald McGinnis, Paul Droste and Jack Evans. Jim has also studied guitar and performed with John Morgan

In my late twenties, I got into the computer industry, partly because it was hot and programming jobs paid much better than traveling with my old band.

The information technology industry became a bubble that burst for me in 2002. But I saw this a stepping stone to pursue my musical interests in a different way.

For several years I'd wanted to find a way to do something more with my music. I've learned so much over the years, through my own trial and error and from attending some great church musician jobs training conferences.

I thought it would be great to provide networking and continuing education opportunities for worship leaders. I just didn't know how to make it happen.

How I found Site Build It

I had a website to promote my first CD, but it really didn't get any traffic other than loyal fans who'd check it out after I'd play somewhere. I signed up for Site-Build-It wondering if there was actually a way to make money while writing about something I loved.

For less than a dollar a day, which seemed very reasonable, I could not think of a reason not to try this. And that's how I started this tortoise-paced journey.

I'm spending a few hours a week providing helpful information and training to worship leaders throughout the world.

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