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Church Musician Newsletter, Issue #8, Aug 2005 - Keep learning
August 15, 2005

August greetings to you all!   How'd it get to be so late in the summer already?   Has it been hot where you live?   It's been over 90 degrees more days than I can count here in central Virginia.

In this month's featured article you can read more of what I learned at a great conference I attended earlier this summer.   Each point can be helpful when you determine how to implement it in your specific setting.

I hope you enjoy this month's issue.

August Newsletter Topics

Bringing Your Finest
Featured Article
Pass It On

Featured Article

In June I had the privilege of attending the best worship conference of my life. It was held at the Billy Graham Training Center in Asheville, NC and featured the music and teaching of Darlene Zschech.

The value of Community is so critical to maintain and build our teams deeper.   Do you love your team?   As leaders, this is something we must continually pray for - that God will give us a love for our teams, and not just for what they can do, but even more importantly for who they are.   When our teams know that we love them for more than what they can do, we'll have them for life.

Language - the way we speak to our teams is so critical.   Do we know that speaking possibility to them will help them grow in creativity?   The pathway to the throne of God is praise. How much more we can accomplish with people if we keep praise on our tongues, being careful to build them with our words.

Practice Consistency - Lead by exmample.   Do you have a problem with lateness to rehearsals?   Are you on time?   Do you sit attentively under your pastor's teaching.   Are you consistent?   People do what they see.   More is caught than taught.

Passion - numbers are not important.   Do you best with what have.   Bring your passion to the small setting and do your best.

Excellence is bringing your finest, whatever it takes.

Handling disappointments - teach people to do this.   You know the feeling; when the band goes one way and the singers go the other.   It can be so painful that some people pull back from active participation because they just make too many mistakes, (or think they do).   Help your team learn what happened, plan how to avoid it in the future and let it go trusting God to grow you from glory to glory.

Embrace family.   Keep in mind that when someone joins you, they are usually not alone.   They bring relationships, experiences, needs, desires, and a whole family life with them.   Provide whatever you can for families.   Even something as simple as a cookout can help spouses and children begin to feel a part of something that reaches beyond their small worlds.


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Jim Snedeker
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