Greetings Church Musicians,

Welcome to the 3rd issue of the Church Musician Newsletter. I've added more content this month, on a variety of topics, so check it out.

Also, if you are looking for a great way to expand the servant quotient in your church music program, check out this site Artists In Christian Testimony. Think about how your team will benefit from sacrificing in mission together.

Learn to be a Worship Leader

Where do you learn to be a worship leader? In secret, when no one is looking. When you get cut off in traffic. When you get the speeding ticket and others go free. Responding correctly in situations like these is tough and a real test of Who we live for.

Expect God to surprise you with this helpful book, Up With Worship


Worship team rehearsals can become worship

How much you can accomplish in your team rehearsals will depend on the skills of your team. Is your team used to playing together? If not, they need time to develop that. If so, do they already know the songs you will be rehearsing?

Wouldn't you like to see your team rehearsals become worship?

Example objectives might be to:
  • prepare for the next worship event
  • learn a new song
  • play in tune
  • blend voices consistently

Church Musician Guitar Links

The best guitar links are the ones you refer to over and over again. My favorite guitar instruction sites are listed on this page. Finding a teacher used to be the only way to learn to play guitar. Now, when that's not practical, you can try out these guitar links to get you started.


Theology of Worship

A theology of worship is intended to serve as a compass for the local church when evaluating the various worship options available in an ever-changing culture. It is used to identify how it will serve its community of faith. The questions below help to frame the highlights of what we consider most important. Use what is here as an example to craft your own.


Until next time, may grace and peace be yours in abundance,

Jim Snedeker

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