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How To Hire A Worship Leader

One of the most amazing blessings of church life is a dynamic music program. Yet one of the most difficult pursuits for a pastor or search team can be determining how to hire a worship leader.

Having been through this process more than once, I wanted to pass on to my current pastor all the useful information I could find on how to hire a worship leader. And since the greatest source of information in this new digital age seems to be the internet, off I went to search, confident I could pull up something to fill the need in a few minutes.

But – such was not the case! Simple, concise, and easily adaptable information, (as in, regardless of church size), did not exist. So - I was thinking why not write an e-book?

It has been an enlightening experience. And one that seems to be more important as contemporary worship is having a positive impact on people. The book is being completed in the next month or so. If you're interested in a preview, please let me know.

Worship Leader tips

Plan your rehearsal

Don't forget your devotional. Isn't it easy to pound through the songs and leave God out of it? Don't do it - plan Him in. This can be done easily by sharing with your team why you chose a certain song. Allow time to pray together or in pairs. Ask someone to share a verse they've been thinking about. Give clear directions to your singers and players. Plan ahead to help your team understand the order and dynamics of the song. Plan to introduce a new song. This is one you may take a few weeks to rehearse. IT seems the teams I've worked with always perk up a little with a new challenge. And don't forget to have fun!

Practice before you lead

Isn't this what makes leadership more work? In order for you to lead effectively, you must be prepared. Put in the time, ahead of time, to master the basics of the song. This will free you up to be creative and help keep things fresh, especially for older songs. Do you practice daily? Do you worship as you play through this week's song list as you prepare for rehearsal. Give this a determined effort and you'll be renewed in your passion to lead worship.

Helpful links
I know anyone can list a bunch of links, but I've used all of these to find reliable information pertaining to worship leaders and church musicians. Some help support this website and newsletter. Feel free to bookmark.

Find gigs www.Gigfinder.com

Serious Worship leader education path

Sheet music... anything music.

Job openings

Who is Jim?
Jim Snedeker is a veteran church musician and worship leader currently residing in Midlothian, VA. His jobs as a church musician have varied from singing, playing guitar, piano, drums, bass, various brass and keyboards, to midi-sequencing, programming and leading worship.

He has served mostly at the local church level in Ohio and Virginia, though has also toured with a contemporary Christian rock band, “Daystar”. His most notable educational accomplishments consist of participating in four summer camp programs at Interlochen National Music Camp, near Traverse City Michigan, and attaining a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from The Ohio State University.

Church-musician-jobs.com is a collection of Jim's 25 years of experiences and insights, helping church musicians improve their heart and their art.

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