Celebrate with Your Team

It's Christmas, the end of another ministry-filled year, and a time when many relationships are rekindled, refreshed and people everywhere reunite because of friendship and family bonds. Why not use this season as an opportunity to celebrate all God has done in your team as you anticipate what the New Year will bring?

Plan a party

That's right! I know it can be a lot of work, but we're "better together". People need a chance to get together and celebrate. If time is tough to find, divide the responsibilities among your team. It will mean more to them if they contribute, rather than just show up. Make sure you spend some time having the group identify and celebrate how God has used you over the year.

Don't over plan

Part of the fun is just letting people get together to hang out, instead of having a pre-determined agenda to be accomplished. You might try caroling, if that fits your group. But that is not a requirement. Relax. This can be such a manic season. Get out and talk to your guests. Don't spend all your time hosting.

Too late?

If it's too late for something before Christmas, don't forget the week between Christmas and New Years. Many people feel an emotional letdown that week because of unrealized expectations of Christmas. This would be a great time to have a get-together. Invite everyone. Expect fewer to come. My wife and I just hosted 27 guests last week. What fun we had. We will be reaping the dividends all this next year, I'm sure.

Envision becoming a small group

Why not? As a music team you are already deeply involved in implementing a few of the purposes small groups strive to meet; ministry, worship, and maybe even mission, depending on the dynamics of your group. Here's you chance to go deeper in discipleship with people God has already set you in the midst of.


Whatever you end up with, be amazed that God chooses weak people like you and me to be a part of the "symphony of praise and worship" He is writing in these late days.


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Jim Snedeker
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