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Rehearsal Repair
You know the feeling. You have a great rehearsal, one week, and then when you least expect it, your next rehearsal just doesn’t go very well. You wonder - how that can be when you have the same people and schedule as last week?. How is it two rehearsals can be so different?

Here’s one thing that’s easy to forget. I know, I’ve done it. People’s lives can be pretty turbulent over a week’s time. Among the things we can’t control, as church musicians, is the quality of life people experience outside rehearsal time. We work hard to control what goes on for a little slice of time. It’s the other stuff that can really wreak havoc on a well-planned rehearsal.

One thing I’ve found to help counteract some of the unpredictability of life outside rehearsal is to begin rehearsals with a brief devotional and prayer. Ok, you yawn, this is nothing new. Well, ok, hang in here with me. If you already do this, but it’s feeling a little stale, try mixing it up a little.

Have someone else lead the time, especially the prayer part. Or pray in pairs for each other, the rehearsal, you name it. The advantage of starting with prayer is it helps to get everyone focused on the task at hand, reminding us of why we do what we do - to serve people.

Who is Jim?
Jim Snedeker is a twenty year veteran church musician currently residing in Midlothian, VA. His jobs as a church musician have varied from singing, playing guitar, piano, drums, bass, various brass and keyboards, to midi-sequencing, programming and leading worship. He has served mostly at the local church level in Ohio and Virginia, though has also toured with a contemporary Christian rock band, “Daystar”.

His most notable educational accomplishments consist of participating in four summer camp programs at Interlochen National Music Camp, near Traverse City Michigan, and attaining a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from The Ohio State University.

Church-musician-jobs.com is a collection of experiences and insights helping church musicians improve their heart and their art… from someone who’s been “around the block” when it comes to church musician jobs.

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