The Bible says...
If we are faithless, He remains faithful for He cannot deny Himself. Scripture tells us this in 2 Timothy 2. What a great promise from God in this time of unprecedented change in our country and lives. I've had some tough days recently, not unlike many of you.

The best I can do is point you to Jesus who is unchanging and faithful in His care for us. Like someone said “bad things happen to people - and we're people.” I've had friends praying for me when I've been unable to pray myself. I'm praying for you as I write this.

Job postings
This is a growing part of the site. It's free to post a job or an opportunity you are seeking.

Recently, some people have posted ads with no contact information. Without contact information I cannot approve your posting. A prospective applicant would not know how to take the next step without contact information. Sorry if that seems obvious but it does happen.

I received an email recently from a church asking how much it cost to post a job. It's *free*.

However, the site is not free to me and I incur costs monthly. To offset those costs I post Google Ads and participate in a few affiliate programs. By clicking on the ads or purchasing useful products I'm able to post jobs for no cost to you.

Poll of the month Results
Here are the top reasons people visit the Church Musician Jobs site.

To find a job, 37.5%

To learn more about leading worship, 37.5%

To improve skills as a church musician, 25%

People need help with:

    inspiring people to be dedicated,
    getting started,
    getting people to form a team.

Topics interested in:

    foundational training in playing the keyboard.

Thanks to all of you who participated - click here to complete the new one.

New pages this month

Praise and Worship Unlock praise and worship definitions, understand differences and similarities to traditional church music, try the tools included.
Sitemap lists all the articles on the Church Musician Jobs website.

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Jim Snedeker