Thanks for your interest in this newsletter. This edition marks the fourth anniversary of the church-musician jobs website. I started this newsletter to answer questions people have in their lives and work as church musicians. The back issues contain those topics.

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Daily devotional: It can be hard to get even a few minutes in God's Word some days. That's why I have bookmarked this link -, to make sure I read at least a verse each day. I'm not suggesting this is enough if you are leading people and teams, but just a tip.

Do you look for guitar chords for songs you want to use in your worship set only to be disappointed because they just don't fit?

I started a list of songs a few years ago in an effort to play songs that featured the right chords in the right style and rhythm so the band could accompany the singers easily so the tune doesn't have to be altered to fit the chords. I hope you'll check out Worship Song Chords You Can Play and find something useful.

Ask The Editor:
Over the last couple months, many of you have contacted Church Musician Jobs in search of a new position. Did you know the best way to search for a new opportunity is to post what you are looking for here? We continue to hear about positions that have been filled. And the price is right, too – FREE.

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