I hope your summer is off to a great start. June almost escaped me getting this newsletter out.


Our pastor just concluded a series from Haggai. Short sermons full of impact and application fill those 38 verses. Today he brought out the truth that disobedience makes our offering unclean.

Even as leaders, no matter the extent to which we serve, obedience must come first. All our serving does not nullify any lack of obedience.

Who would knowingly work so hard and miss the prize?

Who wants to miss our reward because our lives were ruled by some pattern of disobedience?

No one. Be the real deal.

New Tools

Here are some recent links I've found to help you in your work. The first is for you guitarists who need to do some charting, but haven't found a good tool. http://www.frettycharts.com/index.htm

The next is one for those of you who are connected to volunteers asking for guidance in how to apply their gifts. http://volunteer.gospel.com/

Free Song

I added a page last month with one free to download song that might help you out this summer. You can check it out here

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