Greetings and welcome to this issue.

I know most of you are feeling pressed this time of year, so I'll just get right to it.

Post Your Job Openings Here

It is now possible to post your job openings, for musicians, or any church position by using this link.

Upon completing the form, I approve your entry and wha-la - the next step is pointing candidates to the link to learn about the posting and contact you for more information.

Or let the power of the internet bring new candidates to you.

At any rate, it's a great new service I'm happy to offer at no charge to you.

Wanted - Your Worship Leader and Church Musician Stories

Changing gears here, I’m wondering if some of you could help me out with a little experiment.

Would you be interested in contributing the benefit of your experience to other people who read this newsletter or who frequent

I’ve recently updated some pages for you to contribute your experiences in a way that you can also share with others. Check out these pages to get started.

Offer help for Christian Job Seekers

Encourage Young Worship Leaders

I started Church Musician Jobs not just as a way to share what I’ve learned over the years serving churches with music, but also to give worship leaders a voice as technology becomes available to do so easily.

On behalf of all those who will learn from your input - thank you for checking out this new feature.

Contribute what you’ve learned to help those who follow you avoid some of the pain you went through. You can have a greater influence reaching more people just by entering your story.

Thanks for reading.

May God bless you richly as you obey His call!

All the best,
Jim Snedeker