Many Mourn Virginia Tech

No matter where you are today as you read this you are probably more than aware of the tragedy that occurred on April 16 on the Virginia Tech campus - 32 people shot dead for no apparent reason. Who can believe such violence and massacre could occur in the small town of Blacksburg, Virginia?

Although you may be far from southwestern Virginia, the weight of this event has touched people all over the world. President Bush informed those at the Day of Mourning observance that people are praying for people they do not even know. For such a time as this you and I have the privilege of helping people as we serve them through our music.

I was reminded from a prayer I heard, that without God’s grace and protection, we would experience events like this much more often than we do. How could we ever consider that mankind is improving? Even more humbling is admitting you and I, without Christ, are capable of the same kind of desperate acts committed just a few days ago.

As church musicians serving people who may be grieving, we have an opportunity to help provide space in the events we plan - space for people to slow down, and breathe, even if tears are close at hand.

I’ve thought of a few songs and Bible verse suggestions that may help as you plan:

The Potter’s Hand - a proclamation of trust and a prayer to be yielded to God’s purposes.

Amazing Love - Remembering Jesus was put to death for us.

Blessed Be Your Name - The lyrics are always profound, but even more so in suffering.

Lord Have Mercy - a prayer for us and the whole world.

Take My Life And Let It Be - ageless prayer that our short lifetime will be spent doing God’s will.

Today - It’s all we have. Make it matter.

You can find this through the CCLI website SongSelect service, if you subscribe.

Psalm 46 - You could read it to your congregation. Proclaiming truth about God is very powerful and offers hope to those who only hear fear in the media.

May God bless you richly as you obey His call!

All the best,
Jim Snedeker