This Week's Church Musician Jobs Tip – working with God

... As opposed to working for God.

You may have heard it said, or know someone, or perhaps said it yourself - that you are working for God.

Well, that's fine - but working WITH God is even better.

When we are getting started in ministry there is a great hunger to serve God by working for Him.

But as we mature the service that once thrilled us can wear us out.

Think about John 15, where Jesus talks about abiding in Him.

In ministry, most of us come to a point where we're just plain-old tired.

But as we learn to transfer from working for God to working with God, we make great strides in our personal walk with God.

Working with Him has a whole new sweetness beyond working for Him.

May your closeness with the Master grow as you learn to abide... in Him.

All the best,
Jim Snedeker