Hope you’ve had a good week.

Excuse me, if this sounds a little too corporate, but job descriptions for ministry participants continue to be a good idea.

Why do I say that?

Have you ever seen a good-hearted servant struggle to keep a good attitude because they did too much?

Consider the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10.

Martha got a little too busy. Her attitude declined. Her service didn’t count for much because she got overextended. She was stressing.

Mary, on the other hand, listened to Jesus. She gave Him her attention, and her time. Jesus responded positively. She was sitting.

In our zeal to serve, we sometimes get into things we shouldn’t.

Knowing our parameters can help us avoid stressing when we should be sitting.

Try creating a job description to organize what needs done.

Taking turns is another way to help protect people from over doing.

How does your team protect each other?

I’d love to hear your ideas by emailing me at jim@church-musician-jobs.com.

All the best,
Jim Snedeker