This Week's Church Musician Jobs Tip

How’s your church calendar looking for fall?

Any outings planned?

What about an opportunity for your music team to play?

If you have an outdoor picnic, community event or anything that involves food and people, think about providing music for the event.

It’s great for musicians to try their craft in new surroundings and an outdoor setting might be a wonderfully creative break for them.

Plan your setup so as not to wear everyone out before they play. Get plenty of help. Use it as a training opportunity for those helpful people who aren’t musical but want to encourage your team.

For songs, an easy option is to play what you already know. But switch it up. Experiment with repeating a chorus, singing one verse twice, or just let your instrumentalists adlib for a while.

We did this with our team and were really surprised how much fun it was and how we got new ideas to freshen up old songs.

Have fun sharing your music and expanding your vision.

All the best,
Jim Snedeker