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Perfect your skills

Church musician jobs is all about finding a job and perfecting your skills.

On this site, I share my 20 years experience as a church musician to help you Find more than a job, but also to get the information you need to enhance your craft.

By following my updates and content you can learn about and apply for our hundreds of free postings. You can learn tips to keep improving as an artist. Save time with online music lessons. 

Other topics I cover include getting the best choices in free music downloads, learning how to set up a Podcast, investigating how to purchase the best keyboard and other equipment for your music team.

Improve your organizational skills. Deepen your worship while learning to build a music team. 

Trace worship leaders from the Bible. 

Write a worship team handbook. 

Purchase resources focused on your passion.

Today's church musician jobs include all types of instrumentalists and singers from every culture expressing their love for God and appreciation for the work of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Church is changing. Church music is changing . . .

. . . Church musician jobs are changing. Make it easier. Keep growing.

You have practiced and prepared. You have experienced the thrill of an appreciative audience for a job well done.  

But now - something has touched your life in such a significant way that your whole motivation for playing any music has changed dramatically.

Instead of an audience of thousands you and all those who serve in church musician jobs now play to please an Audience of One.

Church musician jobs provides aids, input and influence on ways to make your work have an impact and increase your effectiveness.

I provide information and help for longevity.  You know how easy it is to lose people.  They seem so zealous, but time passes and emotions change - the next thing you know they’re gone without a trace.  Church musicians work hard and put in long hours to prepare - and it can take a toll on us all.  So - I provide hints along the way how to reverse that tendency.

Over the years I’ve know so many musicians who work hard and serve well at their church jobs.  Life can throw some curve balls at people and when they get hit, sometimes they are out for a long time, maybe permanently.  But church musicians continue to be important in a church’s overall impact on congregation and community.  This site develops ways to increase musicians’ comfort, adaptability, creativity and overall health, artistically and spiritually.  Together with our social media resources we form a community of artist and Christ followers doing life looking to our reward.

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And you join with others who share your passion, limiting to some, but a way of freedom to truly express and experience life to those who are on the church-musician-jobs journey with you.

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