Prophetic/Apostolic Worship Drummer

by Joseph

Our church recently lost a drummer whos shoes are hard to fill. We are looking for a drummer who is readily available to interpretation of the holy spirit on the fly. I.E. can flow and transition into unknown territory happily and fluidly. Our church is heavily prophetic and strong bass beats, power, toms, and drive our the cornerstone for the type of drummer we are looking for. We are not looking for perfection here. We believe that worship is just that, and if you can keep a beat and flow in the avenues outlined above while giving god your best that is all we can ask for. Positive attitude, dedication and creative problem solving is a must. This is a small church setting, be prepared for "anything goes worship." We do not reserve our passions for christ and are not looking for someone who is not able to be around people that dance, play the tambourine, and talk in tongues. If you are comfortable with these things great! This position will pay about 30 dollars every Sunday. We have another drummer fill in one Sunday a week. So that is about 90 dollars a month. Please e-mail me if you are interested so we can discuss.

God bless!


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