improves your heart
and your art

Church-musician-jobs improves your heart and your art.

Find more than a job, get the information you need to enhance your craft.

Improve your art. Find tips to keep improving as an artist. Save time with online music lessons. Get the best choices in free music downloads. Learn how to set up a Podcast. Investigate the best keyboard purchase for your music team.

Improve your heart. Deepen your worship while learning to build a music team. Trace worship leaders from the Bible. Write a worship team handbook. Purchase resources focused on your passion.

Today's church musicians include all types of instrumentalists and singers from every culture expressing their love for God.

Church is changing. Church music is changing . . .

. . . Your job is changing. Make it easier. Keep growing.

You have practiced and prepared. You have experienced the thrill of an appreciative audience for a job well done.

And now - something has touched your life in such a significant way that your whole motivation for playing any music has changed dramatically.

Instead of an audience of thousands you now play to please an Audience of One.

And you join with others who share your passion, limiting to some, but a way of freedom to truly express and experience life to those who are on the church-musician-jobs journey with you.

When you sign up to receive the Church Musician newsletter you can count on being encouraged to keep learning, creating, and trying new ideas to help your worship team or church music program grow.

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Church Musician Jobs Sitemap
Church Musician Jobs sitemap
Christian jobs take heart
Christian jobs take more than skill, training, career planning, career testing, career changing, resume writing and a job search.
Fill a Church Job Opening
Make your life count. Fill a church job opening. God created us for good works. He provides the means, but only as we take steps to please Him.
Church Ministry Jobs for all of us
Church ministry jobs are no longer just for pastors . Times have changed and jobs have multiplied.
Who is your career builder?
When learning something new, most of us welcome the idea of someone looking out for us, like a career builder.
Career changing is growing
Career changing is something our parents had little experience with. Find increasing fulfillment, pursue the search.
Church Musician Jobs Blog
Church Musician Jobs blog, updates, new information, knowledge, tips and helpful ideas for church musicians.
Keyboard Music Fits Every Musical Style
Whether Classical, Jazz, Ragtime, Baroque, or Blues, keyboard music fits every musical style you can imagine.
Church Musician Newsletter - Free Sign Up
The Church Musician Newsletter is a like getting a little help from your friends. for music teams and worship leaders.
Electronic Keyboards
What’s involved in buying <b>electronic keyboards</b>? You have lots of questions. Maybe you’re remodeling and you realize the space for the old church organ is gone.
Worship Leader Tips
Worship Leader tips, resources, online and offline assistance to keep you and your worship team growing in God-pleasing excellence.
Worship Team Handbook
How to write a Worship Team Handbook
Church Musician Guitar Links
The best guitar links are the ones you refer to over and over again. My favorite guitar instruction sites are listed on this page. Finding a teacher is not the only way to learn to play guitar.
Contact Church Musician Jobs
Here is where you can contact Church Musician Jobs staff to answer your specific question,
Improve Your Heart
To improve your heart is a pursuit from which you and I will never graduate. In Psalm 139 there is a prayer which says “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts."
Improve Your Art
To improve your art is an important endeavor as a church musician. 1 Peter 4:10 says, “each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace...
Free Music Downloading, mp3, Sheet music, legal, efficient and fun
Free music downloading does not require a techno-whiz. Select from recordings, sheet music, free music downloads, lyrics and more time-saving tips.
Learn Songwriting
If you are a church musician, worship leader, or someone who aspires to be, songwriting is something you should pursue with all your heart.
Link Exchange
Webmasters are invited to join the Church Musician Jobs Link Exchange. Free e-book : "Make Your Links Work!
Bible Memory Song to download
Free Bible memory song available to download. To know Scripture is a worthy pursuit for any of us. But to commit it to memory can be a challenge.
Church Musician Jobs Verse of the Day
Get God's word every day. Check out this verse of the day. Obedience comes by faith. Get God's word early and often.
Which music software saves time and makes your job easier?
Discover music software highlights and how-tos. Improve your music transcription skills while building a simplified and organized library.
Easy Acoustic Guitar Tab is the best way to start
Easy acoustic guitar tab is the language guitarists use to play music visually.
Worship Song Chords You Can Play
Worship Song Chords you can play are listed here. Lots of your favorities plus some that may be new to you are included.
Praise and Worship Keys
Unlock praise and worship definitions, understand differences and similarities to traditional church music, try the tools included.
Poll of The Month for Church Musicians
Our poll of the month helps us help you stay current as you look to help others.
About Church Musician Jobs
Learn how church musician jobs started and how its founder built a business on the web.
Customer Service Jobs for all
Customer service jobs for all. In fact, no matter what you do, your job is a customer service job. Jobs can be tough to keep these days.